Acadia Wildnerness Lodge

Acadia Wildnerness Lodge


Experience the height of luxury at our outdoor resort. Up-to-date with sophisticated amenities that are sure to make even the most particular traveler pleased, our campground will make your vacation one you’ll never want to end.

Yurts, the primary dwellings of ancient nomadic tribes have been modernized to fit our lifestyle today. Acadia Wilderness Yurt Village, the location of our yurts that are named in celebration of indigenous people around the world with every yurt engulfing you in the village life.

Acadia Wilderness Yurt Village includes one-of-a-kind yurt experiences.

Eat well and enjoy. Select one of our curated food essential packages before or during your stay to make sure your family is fueled for eventful camping and exploration.

Make your final selection when booking your stay. Cooking instructions provided upon arrival.