Show Rules: 

· No unattended or unsupervised children

· No bicycles or strollers

· No personal music

· No alcohol

· No dogs

This is a rain or shine event – there are no refunds.

Judging Criteria: 

The following is the actual judging sheet criteria for participants in the Bangor Car Show.
There is slightly different criteria used for the motorcycle classes.

Hoods/Trunks/Interiors MUST be open and accessible to be Judged

Scoring is based on ½ point increments on a TEN point scale

Paint – Overall Condition:

  a. Paint should have excellent color, gloss and finish

  b. Free from paint blemishes, rust, scratches, etc

Body – Including Trim, Molding, Glass, Bumpers, etc:

  a. Check all body panels/seams for alignment waves, dings, distorted panels

  b. Check trim, molding, glass, bumpers for rust, dents, cracks, pits, etc

Engine Compartment:

  a. Chrome should be clean, not discolored or chipped

  b. Engine/Wiring should be clean and oil free

  c. Cleanliness overall – must have hood open for judge

Interior – Including Trunk, Hatchback, Cabin or Bed:

  a. Carpet should be clean inside, no fingerprints or stains on seats or carpet

  b. Overall Cleanliness

  c. Trunk should be free of personal belongings

  d. Trunk panels should fit properly – not loose or missing

Wheels, Tires & Suspension:

  a. Wheels should be clean, free or oil and grease, mounted correctly

  b. Should all match and have proper tire tread depth for safe driving

  c. Rims/Hubcaps should generally follow the color scheme & style of the car

  d. Check exhaust for condition/fit, check suspension where visible for good fit/finish

Car Class Disclaimers:

All cars with a designated specific class must be assigned to appropriate class.

Pre-registered cars will have VIP entrance time 7:30 – 8:30AM, arrival during this time will guarantee that you will be parked with your class, arrival after this time the committee cannot guarantee you will be parked with your class.

Cars not pre-registered will not have access to the field for parking until 8:30 a.m.

The car classes may be added or deleted, broken down or merged as needed, based on registration numbers.  Each class must have a minimum of five (5) cars to qualify for trophy awards.  Class expansion or consolidation will be done at the discretion of the Greater Bangor Convention & Visitors Bureau’s Bangor Car Show Planning Committee.

Special Interest/Open Field: This group is for pre-registered cars only. In order to register for this group, the Bangor Car Show Planning Committee will need a picture and description sent in prior to the show for approval..

If a car is not pre-registered, we cannot guarantee parking within your specific class.

The Greater Bangor Convention & Visitors Bureau and the Bangor Car Show Planning Committee is not responsible for vehicles being in the wrong class.

Liability Waiver: 

The Greater Bangor Convention & Visitors Bureau/Bangor Car Show Planning Committee, the City of Bangor, and the Bangor Waterfront will under no circumstances be liable or responsible for any losses, injuries, or damages sustained to or by an owner, their agents, and servants, or vehicles while participating in the Bangor Car Show. All risks or loss, injury, damage, or destruction to person or property and/or vehicles are assumed in full by such owner, their agents and servants whether caused by active or passive negligence, condition of premises, or by any other reason or cause whatsoever. All owners do hereby reservedly and without exception agree to hold the Greater Bangor Convention & Visitors Bureau, the City of Bangor and the Bangor Waterfront, free from any liability for losses, costs, or damage caused by them, arising from any occurrences in which they or their property, vehicles or any of them may be involved while on the premises of the Bangor Waterfront for the purpose of participating in the Bangor Car Show – Wheels on the Waterfront on Saturday, September 9, 2017. I have received and understand all judging procedures, disclaimers and guidelines.