Bangor Car Show 2017

Wheels on the Waterfront


Registration for the 10th Annual Bangor Car Show: Wheels on the Waterfront is NOW OPEN!

September 9th, 2017

Pre-Registered Cars can enter starting at 7:30am, all others start at 8:30am. ALL CARS must be in PRIOR to 10am, gates close at 10am sharp.

Spectators are allowed in from 10am-2pm, free admission. Rain or shine event.

Thank you to all the participants of the Bangor Car Show: Wheels on the Waterfront 2016!

Here is the list of the 2016 Winners:

Class A1 – 2x4 Trucks/SUV – 1950-1969
3rd: Kevin Taylor
2nd: Peter Haskell
1st: Danny Dunbar

Class A2 – 2x4 Trucks/SUV – 1970-Present
3rd: William Smith
2nd: Dick Leture
1st: Michelle Gurrette

Class B – 4x4 Trucks/SUV/Jeep – 1950-Present
3rd: Shannon Pokoney
2nd: Buzz Harding
1st: Kristin Giroux

Class C – Antiques up to 1949
3rd: Ben Richmond
2nd: Bruce Farnsworth
1st: Dave Ramsay

Class D – Best of the 50’s
3rd: Clayton Ackley
2nd: David Erb
1st: Joe Cushman

Class E – Best of the 60’s & 70’s
3rd: Dan Hodgin
2nd: Daniel McGovern
1st: Robert Neal

Class F1 – Best of the 60’s – General Motors
3rd: Linda Lane
2nd: James Chandler
1st: Scott Cram

Class F2 – Best of the 60’s – Ford
3rd: Lee Bureau
2nd: Ricky Turner
1st: Larry Fletcher

Class F3 – Best of the 60’s – Chrysler, Plymouth & Dodge (Mopar)
3rd: James Crowe
2nd: Ray Gresser
1st: Scott Cram

Class G1 – Best of the 70’s – General Motors
3rd: Bob Muecke
2nd: Brian Inch
1st: Tim Leadbetter

Class G2 – Best of the 70’s – Chrysler, Plymouth & Dodge (Mopar)
3rd: Kim Austin
2nd: Butch Flanders
1st: Chris Douglas

Class H – Best of the 1980-1999
3rd: Tyler Black
2nd: Sunday and Bill Haas
1st: Denis Hills

Class I – Best of the 00’s to 13’s
3rd: Mark Cousins
2nd: Joshua Costigan
1st: Bill Flanders

Class J – New Car Muscle – 2014-Present
3rd: Bob O’Neill
2nd: Diane Reynolds
1st: Rob Turner

Class K1 – Camaro/Firebird 1967-1973
3rd: Barry Shepard
2nd: Keri St. Peter
1st: Michael Reynolds

Class K2 – Camaro/Firebird 1974-2002
3rd: Marshall Dodge
2nd: Brian Libby
1st: Stephen Burciaga

Class L1 – Corvette 1953-1967
3rd: John King
2nd: Don Kelley
1st: Ray Daries

Class L2 – Corvette 1968-1982
3rd: Stephan Burciaga
2nd: Chris Haynes
1st: Robert Davis

Class L3 – Corvette 1984-2004
3rd: Rodney Chelberg
2nd: George Cummings
1st: Ernest Pollard

Class L4 – Corvette 2005-2013
3rd: John Johnston
2nd: Kevin Arsenault
1st: Mike and Rose Oleksiak

Class M1 – Imports Asian/European – Up to 1973
3rd: Bill Barter
2nd: Fred Nichols
1st: Ron Harriman

Class M2 – Imports Asian – 1974-2013
3rd: Jake Thompson
2nd: Randy Tower
1st: Gary Bellefleur

Class M3 – Imports European – 1974-2013
3rd: Roy Dame
2nd: Paul Lasnier
1st: Joe Richard

Class N1 – Mustangs – 1964.5-1973
3rd: Charles Lefebvre
2nd: Rebecca Halstead
1st: Jim Otman

Class N2 – Mustangs - 1974-2005
3rd: Shane Clukey
2nd: Jack Haines
1st: Bob and Olive Corson

Class N3 – Mustangs – 2006-2013
3rd: Fred Littlefield
2nd: Bill Brand
1st: Ralph Gildred Jr.

Class O1 – Motorcycles – Harley & American
3rd: Ed Callahan
2nd: Wayne Jameson
1st: Greg Shappy

Class O2: Motorcycles – Imports/Foreign
3rd: George Halloran
2nd: Rick Tillson
1st: Stephanie Shappy

Class P – Rat Rod/Old School
3rd: Mark Maybury
2nd: Jim Greenlaw
1st: Alan Adams

Class Q – Special Interest/Exotics/Novelties
3rd: Larry Merrill
2nd: John Buckley
1st: Dave Worcester

Class R1 – Street Rod – General Motors Pre-1949
3rd: Gerald Therrien
2nd: Greg Hayes
1st: Reggie Lacadie

Class R2 – Street Rod – Ford Pre-1949
3rd: Peter Huard
2nd: Bob McNerney
1st: James Green

Class R3 – Street Rod – Other Makes and Models Pre-1949
3rd: Bruce Johnson
2nd: Dale Campbell
1st: Reggie Lacadie

Class S – Thunderbirds – All Years
3rd: John Buckley
2nd: Robert Fox
1st: Dave McIntire

Best Paint
Dave and Tracey Brown

β€œI Wish It Was Mine” People’s Choice Award
Kristin Giroux

Mayor’s Choice
Robin and Louis Crawford

Best in Show
Dave and Tracey Brown

A big THANK YOU to our Sponsors for the 2017 Bangor Car Show: Wheels on the Waterfront