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A big thank you to all who participated in the 2017 Bangor Car Show: Wheels on the Waterfront!

2017 Winners:


Class A1 – 2×4 Trucks/SUV – 1950-1969

3rd: Calvin Boss

2nd: Peter Haskell

1st: Bernie & Laura Ramsdell

Class A2 – 2×4 Trucks/SUV – 1970-Present

3rd: Jacob Gardner

2nd: Don Houp

1st: Bud Hariegle

Class B – 4×4 Trucks/SUV/Jeep – 1950-Present

3rd: David Dube

2nd: Bob Neal

1st: Chuck Carter

Class C1 – Antiques up to 1949

3rd: David Neivandt

2nd: Reggie Lacadie

1st: Michael Inman

C2 – Antique Trucks up to 1949

1st: Dave Ramsay

Class D – Best of the 50’s

3rd: Robin Crawford Sr.

2nd: Ron Dejardins

1st: Douglas Blodgett

Class E1 – Best of the 60’s – General Motors

3rd: Tim Bernard

2nd: Lincoln Nye

1st: Mike Gaudet

Class E2 – Best of the 60’s – Ford

3rd: Robert Fox

2nd: Danny Dow

1st: Scott Cram

Class E3 – Best of the 60’s  – Chrysler, Plymouth & Dodge (Mopar)

3rd: Joseph Grant

2nd: Mike Barker

1st: Paul Cunningham

Class F1 – Best of the 70’s – General Motors

3rd: Robert Muecke

2nd: John Boutot

1st: Sheila Kuchinski

Class F2 – Best of the 70’s – All Others

3rd: Charles Lane

2nd: Bob Neal

1st: Gary Marrs

Class G – Best of 1980-1999

3rd: Chris Bruen

2nd: Kevin Reynolds

1st: Sunday and Bill Haas

Class H – Best of the 00’s to 13’s

3rd: Peter & Liz Reinero

2nd: Bill Flanders

1st: Joshua Costigan

Class I – New Car Muscle – 2014-Present

3rd: Richard Crosby

2nd: Rob Turner

1st: Lisa Morin

Class J1 – Camaro/Firebird 1967-1973

3rd: Jeff Brown

2nd: Jeff Brown

1st: Mike Reynolds

Class J2 – Camaro/Firebird 1974-2002

3rd: Marshall Dodge

2nd: Stephen Burciaga

1st: Brian Libby

Class K1 – Corvette 1953-1967

1st: Ray Daries

Class K2 – Corvette 1968-1982

3rd: Stephen Burciaga

2nd: Don Houp

1st: Bob Davis

Class K3 – Corvette 1984-2004

3rd: George Cummings

2nd: Vernon Patriquin

1st: Kelly Kelly

Class K4 – Corvette 2005-2013

3rd: James Good

2nd: Kevin Arsenault

1st: Mike and Rose Oleksiak

Class L1 – Imports Asian/European – Up to 1973

3rd: Laurence Bruen

2nd: Dave Worcester

1st: Ryan Ramsay

Class L2 – Imports Asian – 1974-2013

3rd: Hillary Hoyt

2nd: Gary Bellefleur

1st: Melodie Bellefleur

Class L3 – Imports European – 1974-2013

3rd: Richard Powell

2nd: Roy Dame

1st: John Logan

Class M1 – Mustangs – 1964.5-1973

3rd: Steve Sinclair

2nd: Jerry Hruby

1st: Jim Ottman

Class M2 – Mustangs – 1974-2005

3rd: Cliff Warren

2nd: Dawn & Larry Dickie

1st: Jack Haines

Class M3 – Mustangs – 2006-2013

3rd: Doug O’Brien

2nd: Ralph Gildred

1st: Jerry Hatch

Class N1 – Motorcycles – Harley & American

2nd: Wayne Jameson

1st: Steve Thomas

Class N2: Motorcycles – Imports/Foreign

3rd: Rick Tillson

2nd: Randy Nye

1st: Randy Tower

Class O – Special Interest/Exotics/Novelties/Rat Rod/Old School

3rd: Rick Savage

2nd: Thomas Nelson

1st: Ben Richmond

Class P1 – Street Rod – General Motors Pre-1949

3rd: Bob Bradford

2nd: Corey Lacadie

1st: Greg Hayes

Class P2 – Street Rod – Ford Pre-1949

1st: Greg Roderick

Class P3 – Street Rod – Other Makes and Models Pre-1949

2nd: Don & Monique Rutherford

1st: Bruce Johnson

Class Q – Remote Control

1st: Cayden Miller

Best Paint

Lincoln Nye

Best Interior

Michael Inman

“I Wish It Was Mine” People’s Choice Award

Michael Inman

Mayor’s Choice

Bill Buckley

Best in Show

Mike Gaudet