Maine is known for its natural beauty, and the Greater Bangor area is no exception. Located on the banks of the Penobscot River amid handsome forests and rolling farmlands, Bangor entices residents and visitors alike to get out and enjoy the outdoors.

Maine Bicycle Laws

    • A cyclist has all the rights and responsibilities of motor vehicle drivers
    • Ride straight and in single file, obey traffic signs and signals
    • Always ride on the right side
    • Use caution if passing other traffic on the right
    • When approaching an intersection, use the appropriate lane for the direction you intend to travel
    • Signal ALL turns
    • When stopping make sure you are allowing the space needed based on weather conditions
    • When riding at night, Maine State Law requires a headlight on front and a red or amber reflector or light on the back visible from at least 200 feet.  In addition, we recommend you use a flashing taillight and reflective


Bangor Area Bike Map



Bangor Area Trail Maps


BACTS is the Bangor Area Comprehensive Transportation System. It is the organization designated by federal and Maine state government to carry out transportation planning in the Greater Bangor urbanized area. BACTS evaluates and approves proposed transportation improvement projects and facilitates communication between its member communities and state and federal transportation agencies. It also sponsors and conducts studies to assist in the transportation planning process.